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John Sloane's paintings highlight the beauty and variety of nature in all four seasons and the simple pleasures of country life. In his paintings, you can take a break from the hectic modern world and discover a timeless place with a slower pace, where
“rush hour” means a passing buggy and “high tech” means a Model T.

     John Sloane's country landscape paintings are an inviting blend of the real and ideal, portraying the best of country life.

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2016 Wall Calendar Images


John Sloane's Country Seasons 2016 Deluxe Wall Calendar
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At once familiar and idyllic, John Sloane's paintings welcome us home, yet take on an ethereal quality that isn't found
in our everyday world. It is this combination of the real and ideal that makes these paintings so mesmerizing and
the places they depict so inviting. 
John Sloane's twelve new paintings in the thirtieth anniversary edition of his
wall calendar beautifully continue his legacy as a master artist who achieves an unprecedented level of detail
and an uncommon sense of time and place.


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