John Sloane Designer Notecards!

Designer Notecards by John Sloane

"Country Seasons" Collection...


"Colorful Quilts" Collection...


"The Good Life" Collection...


"Down on the Farm" Collection...



It's been several years since John's popular notecards have been available for sale. In response to the many requests we have had from his fans, John has agreed to release 4 all-new notecard collections featuring some of his most popular paintings.

Each 10 card collection will feature 5 of John's most popular paintings grouped by a common theme, along with matching envelopes. We will also be making a set of coordinated "mailing seals" available for each.


Collection 1: "Country Seasons" features 2 each of:
"Field of Dreams", "To Each Her Own", "Walkin' Weather", "Warm and Cozy" and "The Good Shepherd"

Collection 2: "Colorful Quilts" features 2 each of:
"Calico Country", "Piece by Piece", "Spring Cleaning", "Summer Place" and "Winter Dreams"

Collection 3: "The Good Life" features 2 each of:
"A Perfect Pair", "Amish Autumn", "The Good Life", "The Slow Lane" and "Wash and Dry"

Collection 4: "Down on the Farm" features 2 each of:
"A Full Day's Work", "Down the Lane", "Spring Chores", "Summer Stream" and "Valley Homestead"


Which collection will be your favorite?


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