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Collectible "Refrigerator" Magnets by John Sloane

Each set contains 4 individual magnets perfectly sized for use/display
on your refrigerator or anywhere you need a little reminder of simpler times!
Just $9.99/set with FREE Shipping!
Collect one, two, three or all four sets!

(magnets measure approximately 2" x 2.5" each)
(*free shipping to US and Canadian addresses only)

Magnet Set # 1 - "Classic Country"

Endless Summer "Refrigerator" Magnet A Full Day's Work "Refrigerator" Magnet
Spring Chores "Refrigerator" Magnet Walkin' Weather Magnet


Magnet Set # 2 - "Country Girls"

Day Break "Refrigerator" Magnet Heaven and Earth "Refrigerator" Magnet
Stepping Stones "Refrigerator" Magnet Wool Gathering "Refrigerator" Magnet


Magnet Set # 3 - "Country Kitchen"

Cat Nap "Refrigerator" Magnet Fresh Air "Refrigerator" Magnet
Harvest Kitchen "Refrigerator" Magnet Heart of the Home "Refrigerator" Magnet


Magnet Set # 4 - "Country Seasons"

Hill Country "Refrigerator" Magnet Indian Summer "Refrigerator" Magnet
Valley Homestead "Refrigerator" Magnet Warm and Cozy "Refrigerator" Magnet